Photo Gallery

Over a lifetime of photography, I've taken enough photos to cover every inch of my home in 4x6 prints. While not all of them have their own project page, I wanted to share some of my favorites.

A water bottle propped up in the sand, Lake Michigan behind it in the background.Smiling woman in a graduation cap, on a staircase outside, holding a champagne bottle that's in the middle of bursting out from its top.A woman stands in front of a blue background, smiling and looking at the camera.A woman holding a life jacket walks away from the camera.A husband and wife, just after being married, walk arm in arm towards the sun.A woman wearing black leans against a stone railing in the Wisconsin Capitol Building.A woman smiles while holding a microphone.A woman stands amid a field of greenery, looking down.A husband and wife, just after their wedding ceremony, hold each other outdoors.A woman walks down a path in a forest during Fall.
A man holds a sign that reads "Thank you for reminding me that I am just a number to you".A woman reaches towards center-frame to pull a lamp-chain, the lamp currently lit.A man in a black suit plays a saxophone.Four images of the same woman standing in the same pose, each image set during different seasons.A woman stands against a black backdrop, looking into the cameraThree women lean against stone columns in a park.A woman stands against a beige brick backdrop, looking into the cameraA panel of event judges sit at a folding table.A man stands with his groomsmen in a tractor wagon.A man stands behind a fence, looking out at a group of protesters.
A house on stilts sits just above the ocean, off the coast of San Diego.A bride and groom stand facing away from each other holding hands.A woman holds a flower amid a field of greenery.A masked woman reaches out to touch a tree branch.A man looks through a camera pointed towards the ocean.A woman smiles in front of a gray background.A bride stands in a group with her bridesmaids outside in front of a pine tree.A woman stands in the sand at the edge of a forest.A woman holds a sign in the air that reads "Professors > Profit"A group of protestors walking down a college campus.